How do I use Google Wallet? Google Tap & Pay 2023

Why should I use Google Wallet?

NFC technology is used by Google Wallet, a mobile payment system, to complete transactions. When ready to make a purchase, the user instals an app to their smartphone and holds it up to the NFC chip reader on the terminal.

Utilizing Google Wallet

Tap the menu icon in the lower left corner of the Google Wallet app (Android) or the menu button in the upper left corner to access the menu (iOS). – Choose “Wallet.” Choosing “Add Card.” Submit the card number. choosing “Create Account.” if required. Choose “Choose an account name” and provide a name for your Google Wallet account if one hasn’t already been chosen. For verification purposes, you must supply your complete Social Security number.

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Your card’s issuer can ask you to provide identification. Using your usual email address or phone number, you can do this task online. Tap Next after you have checked the information. Your billing address and whether you want to raise the credit limit on your current card may be requested if you are adding a card for the first time. Click Next. Your current bank accounts are automatically updated with the balance from your Google Wallet.

Google Wallet FAQ


After I input my debit/credit card, what happens?

Your Google Wallet account is immediately connected to your credit cards if they are enabled. They will be automatically enabled if you don’t already have any. Although debit cards are not yet accepted, we plan to add them shortly.

What is the process of Google Wallet?

Simply launch the Google Wallet app, touch the menu button in the top right corner, and choose Wallet to make a transaction. Next, decide whether to add a credit card or debit card. Simply swipe your finger across the checkout screen reader, scan your face, or enter your PIN when you’re ready to pay.

What happens if I misplace my Google Wallet password or debit/credit card?

You won’t lose access to your money if you continue to use Google Wallet. Simply reset your password by going to

Is it possible to keep my cards in Google Wallet?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to directly save your card in our app. Only NFC readers are used for payment at our business.

How can I add cash?

Use these procedures to add money to Google Wallet:

  • start the app
  • Select “Add Money.”
  • Enter the desired amount (for instance, $10) to be added to your account.
  • Click “Continue”
  • Choose a payment method (e.g., credit card).
  • Payment can be made using a credit card or a bank account.

Google Wallet cannot yet be used as a debit card.

What happens if my credit card runs out of money before my order arrives?

What happens if my credit card runs out of money before my order arrives?

PayPal is a payment option.

Yes! PayPal is a payment option we accept in addition to credit cards and checking accounts. On the Order Summary page, merely click the “PayPal” option under Payment Methods.

How to replenish Google Wallet with cash

  1. go to
  2. Sign in using your Google Account
  3. Click on ‘Add Funds’ below the search bar
  4. Choose your payment method like Debit Card or Credit Card. You can also choose to add a gift card to the app, just enter the code.
  5. Enter your amount to deposit
  6. Add your bank details. Make sure you have sufficient funds available on your card or you may be charged additional charges.
  7. Once you are ready, click on the green button ‘Complete Transaction’.
  8. If everything went smoothly, you should now be able to see your balance
  9. You’ll know you’ve successfully added funds to your Google Wallet if you receive a confirmation email
  10. Go back to Select ‘Payments’ in the menu on the left
  11. Find and select where you stored your payment information.
  12. You can then either click on the link provided or copy the URL into the address box of your browser.
  13. The first thing you need to do is log in to your banking website to confirm the transaction is successful.
  14. After logging in, go to ‘My Accounts’.